Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My $1 manicure

Last week, my co-worker Sue tipped me off about this new nail salon in town offering $1 manicures and pedicures.
I didn't believe her until I saw this sign on Main Street:

Still skeptical, I checked out the place and there it was at the top of the Old Firehouse Building: Top Floor Nail Salon.
It's a cute little shop, small enough to be someone's office.

The owner James is a former truck driver. He got into cosmetology while dating an ex-girlfriend, he said.
We talked about products and beauty tips as he worked his magic on my nails.
He clipped. He filed. He massaged. He painted.
I relaxed.
James used a shade from OPI's suede line. Sorry I don't have the official name but it's a sparkly dark blue that goes on matte-like and looks fantastic with top coat.
It's a pretty color; sometimes resembling dark denim. It also has deep purple tones to it too.
And OPI polishes don't use a lot of toxic chemicals so I really liked using this brand on my nails.
Overall, I was happy with my $1 manicure, that ended up looking like this:

The special goes on through the end of February. And James said that you're allowed to get one $1 deal in one day. Call 410-245-2775 for more information.


  1. Nice manicure! I wish we had deals like that around here. =)

  2. Thanks Hil'Lesha. Finding this deal was like hitting the beauty jackpot in a way. Just be on the lookout for them in your area. You never know.

  3. Looks like Russian Navy (Suede). Nice manicure, good deal!!

  4. Thanks for finding that color for me!

  5. Is the nail shop located in Bmore?

  6. Hi Kristin. It's actually about 30-40 minutes from B-more.