Sunday, January 24, 2010

Make your own body scrub

I've always wanted to make my own body scrub so when I came across this post on Prissy Green via Domino Sugar, I finally did.
It was so easy.
All you need is one cup of sugar, vegetable oil, a few drops of essential oils and an empty jar.

As always, I used what I had in my pantry which were the sugar and vegetable oil. This jar originally had almonds in it. Something told me to save it. Glad I did:

The steps are simple. After gathering your ingredients, mix them in a bowl:

Then pour them into the jar or container:

Here's the final product in my hand:

And in the jar:

Again, in the jar:

Although the sugar exfoliated my skin, I wasn't too pleased with the after smell. I guess that's why they wanted you to put essential oil in the mixture in first place. (Duh!) I scoured through my smell goods and found a small bottle of "Usher" fragrance oil that my fave aunt got me several years ago. I put about three drops of "Usher" into the jar, tried the concoction again and liked it much better the second time around because of the feel and smell. I'm always trying to cut corners but cutting the essential oil part will not work in this project.

This project was so fun that I made another body scrub using a bottle of Bath & Body Works' Jasmine Vanilla massage oil. I've owned this bottle since college and have not been able to throw it away or use the entire bottle. Don't know why I've kept the bottle so long but I thought it would be perfect for this project.

I used brown sugar and massage oil:

The final product. I really liked the jasmine vanilla smell and feel of this scrub:

Making my own body scrubs was fun and something that I will try again. I want to experiment with different essential oils like lavender and tea tree. I'd also like to use olive oil, since that's good for your skin. Looks like I won't have to buy body scrubs anymore. Move over Lisa Price:)

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