Friday, December 31, 2010

Song of the Day and Happy New Year!

I love everything about Esperanza Spalding.
Her big hair. Her breezy music. And definitely her bad-ass bass playing!
And now the world has just discovered the Portland, Oregon native's talent.
She was recently nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy.
I hope she wins.
Until then, enjoy this tune called "Chacarera" from her latest album, "The Chamber Music Society:"

And I have to work on New Year's Day so I'm doing my wishes early. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beauty products that didn't work for me

Josie Maran Argan oil: This oil has got to be one of the most over hyped products I've ever used in my life. I bought it from Sephora for like $13 because of its moisturizing claims. Wish I would've kept my money. I used it in my scalp and skin, which are severely dry in the winter time. I didn't see a difference. And I'm left scratching my scalp about its appeal.

ecotools loofah sponge: I actually like ecotools products but this facial sponge did nothing for me. I did like that it wasn't too abrasive, but I didn't notice a change in my skin.

Konad nail plates: OK, as a lover of nail polish, I had HUGE hopes for these popular nail art plates that I paid $17 for. But I tried over and over again to get the plate image onto the rubber stamper to no avail. This product broke my heart.

**These products were not sent to me for review by companies. I paid for them with my own funds.
Image source:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NOTD: Glittery pink

I currently have Revlon's "Plum Seduction" and N.Y.C.'s "Starry Silver Glitter" on my nails.
It's an OK combination; kind of looks like my nails are at a party.
Although I've been loving Revlon polishes lately, I'm not a huge fan of "Plum Seduction."
It kinda has this Barbie Doll thing going on that I don't like.
What say you?

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Monday, December 27, 2010

R.I.P. Teena Marie

I was so sad to see that R&B singer Teena Marie unexpectedly passed away last night at the age of 54.
A force in the music business, Teena Marie leaves behind a solid body of work. She sang classic hits and remained relevant by appealing to younger generations (The Fuguees remade her 80s hit "Ooh La La La" into their massive hit "Fu-gee-la."
My fave Teena Marie song is "Square Biz."
Can't forget her in "Fire & Desire," a classic ballad she did with her mentor Rick James.
R.I.P. Teena.

Santana's first album is rocking my world!

The last record that completely blew my mind was Santana’s 1969 debut album.
I’m awed by the album’s musicianship, song arrangements and of course, lead singer Carlos Santana’s godly guitar skills.
There’s no doubt that the album is a classic that cemented Santana as a behemoth in the music industry.
“Santana,” which has the most awesome album cover ever (how many lion faces can you count?), is just stellar.
Excuse my ignorance here but I’ve heard “Evil Ways” so many times but didn’t know Santana sang that tune!
From the pulsating drums in the opening number, to the volcano hot guitar rifts in “Persuasion,” the music is just stellar.
My faves include “Jingo,” a song that’s so titillating that you have to shimmy your bum bum.
I also heart the last song on the track, “Soul Sacrifice.”It’s a tune in which the band sings no words, they just play. And play they do.
The Cuban/African vibes percolating from the instruments do the gabbing.
I got this record as a going-away-gift from a former co-worker and it has become one of my fave records of all time.
I may be “Tardy for the Party,” in discovering Santana, but you better believe I won’t be leaving the festivities anytime soon.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

NOTD: Revlon's "Ocean"

I like a nice blue polish from time to time and Revlon's "Ocean" is rocking my world right now.
It's a shimmery blue that's part of Revlon's new Top Speed collection, of which I am a big fan.
Loving this color.
And I hope you had a nice Christmas. I had to work on Christmas day and didn't have time to post.
If you're in Virginia/N.C., be safe. The snow is coming down hard and doesn't look like it's stopping. Be safe!

Monday, December 20, 2010

NOTD: Starry Silver Glitter Shield

I'm currently rocking wet n wild's "Shield" topped with a coat of N.Y.C.'s "Starry Silver Glitter."
I like the look, which is very holiday-ish.
By itself, the "Shield" polish reminds me of a cheap Minx mani. I didn't like it in the bottle but it looks lovely on my nails.
And I've been seeing positive reviews of "Starry Silver Glitter" in the beauty blogosphere so I wanted to try it out for myself.
Glitter polishes usually aren't my thing because they're hard to get off but this one works for me aesthetically.
I like the silver and blue specs of glitter in the formula. They look pretty over the shiny "Shield" base.
Overall, this polish look is a winner.

Friday, December 17, 2010

How much did you spend on holiday shopping?

This year, my goal was to spend about $250 on holiday gifts.
Did I make budget? Of course not.
I was off. Waaaaaay off by like about $200.
Yeap, I spent almost $500 on holiday gifts this year.
Go ahead and shoot me in the foot. I was a part of the consumer madness that plagues the holiday season every year.
Sad thing is that I could've easily made gifts but didn't really feel like it.
But you know what, I don't feel bad about my gift-giving amount.
I gave to those that have given me in the past and continue to open their hearts to me.
And call me vain but I also gifted myself. (Hey, you've got to take care of you, right?)
Good thing is I get an extra paycheck this month so I'll be able to pay off my holiday shopping bill, donate to a cause and get ahead in my bills.
So it's really no biggie.
I overspent on holiday shopping this year but it was well worth it.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

NOTD: Revlon's "Sugar Plum"

Revlon's "Sugar Plum" is currently on my tips.
I got this beauty of a color earlier this week from CVS for about $3.
The color is part of Revlon's new Top Speed line of polish colors.
"Sugar Plum" a shimmery color that's not too understated and not too flashy, although I don't mind flashy hues on my nails.
Me loves it. It doesn't make my hands look too old lady-ish and it's a perfect winter color.
What say you?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Polish Haul

From left to right: Revlon's top coat, wet n wild's "Sheild" and "Goldmind," Revlon's "Suglar Plum" and "Ocean," and N.Y.C.'s "Starry Silver Glitter."

Happy Monday!
I bought some more nail polish today. Couldn't help it.
My local CVS had a wide selection of Revlon Top Speed nail polish colors so I picked up "Ocean" and "Sugar Plum." I also bought a bottle of Revlon's top coat; I want to try it out since their base coat has been working really well on my nails.
All bottles were on sale for $4 and came to about three dollars each, after using two coupons.
Then, I bought two bottles of wet n wild from Walgreens. I've used "Goldmine" before but wanted to try "Shield." They were $1 each.
Finally, I copped a bottle of N.Y.C.'s "Starry Silver Glitter" from Rite-Aid. They were having a BOGO half off on the brand's products so I bought that, and another bottle which I gifted to a friend.

And Zoya's remove plus polish remover is rocking my world right now! It removes lacquer quickly and didn't leave my nailbed dry. I bought a small bottle to test it out but am going to invest in a bigger bottle when I get Christmas money.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Light it Up Holiday Giveaway

What are you asking the Beauty Santa to get you for Christmas this year?
The biggest (and cheapest) thing on my list is Burt's Bees Wax's Natural Manicure Set.
This set features lemon butter cuticle cream, almond milk hand creme (which I love!!!), a lip balm, an Emory board, cuticle sticks and a bag to place all the items in.
And it only costs $15!! Not bad for all that product.
Well, I'm giving one away to a lucky reader as part of my Light it Up Holiday Giveaway. It is part of Project Danielle's Light it Up Blog Event.
The rules are simple. All you have to do is follow my blog through Google or one of the other functions, and leave a comment telling me what you want for this holiday season.
Yes, it's that easy.
Contest begins Saturday, December 11 and ends Friday, December 31.
I'll announce the winner a few days after that.
Contest is open to U.S. readers only. Good luck and happy holidays!

Friday, December 10, 2010

NOTD: Revlon's "Emerald"

Revlon's "Emerald" is currently on my nails.
This polish is new, part of the brand's Top Speed collection.
I love this green.
It's not too bright and not too morbid.
The formula didn't dry fast enough for me, but the color is definitely a win.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Song of the Day:

Today's Song of the Day is another gem from Betty Davis, "Shut off the Light."
I want to have her fearlessness when I grow up.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Polish haul and NOTD

Happy Monday!

Picked up a few polish goodies from Ulta and Walgreens this weekend:

Top: Revlon's "Emerald" and "Golden." Bottom: Nic's Sticks in "Silver-Ella" and "Home By Midnight."

"Golden," which is part of Revlon's new Top Speed line, is currently on my nails:

It's not an earth shattering color but it's a very festive hue. What do you think?