Friday, January 8, 2010

100 % Pure Body Cream and Scrub Review

     I recently picked up several 100% Pure Organic products from T.J. Maxx because I'm in love with this line.
     In June, I won a 100% Pure pomegranate shower gel and body scrub set, both of which I love.
     My most recent T.J. Maxx 100% Pure purchases included a $4 jar of peach body scrub and a $3 bottle of Fuji apple body cream.
     Surprisingly, the cream had the consistency of lotion and not the traditionally thick feeling of regular body cream.
     It was light but felt good going on my skin. The cream smelled like candy but moisturized my body in a mediocre kind of way.
     I've used better creams before.
     The scrub is my fave out of the two. It went on light and isn't too oily like other scrubs I've used in the past.
     It smelled really sweet and I felt like it sufficiently exfoliated my skin.
     I'll continue to support this line because I like the products and it's even better that I can find them at my local T.J.Maxx store.

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