Sunday, January 3, 2010

DIY: Make-up brush holder

The Bargainista gives a video tutorial on making Sephora-inspired brush holders.

I made a brush and eye pencil holder. What a nifty idea!

     How do you store your make-up brushes?
     I used to store mine in a cup on my bathroom sink but now, I have a more updated way of doing so.
     I came across this idea for making Sephora-inspired brush holders on The Bargainista's blog last night and figured I'd try it out.
     I improvised a bit by using an old candle jar, a mug and some pinto beans.
     All I did was place the beans in the jar and mug. Then I placed the brushes in the mug and used the jar for my eye pencils.
     What a great, nifty, resourceful idea for brushes and pencils!
     And I didn't even spend a dime:)


  1. awesome! So glad I could inspire you, and look at you! You did it with stuff you already had, that is awesome!!!!!! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the idea lady!!! Keep up the great work with your site!

  3. This is a great idea!!!! Thanks!

  4. I use one of those closed-lid plastic boxes, because it protects my brushes from any moisture in the air (the shower fan is not the world's strongest.)

  5. LiAnn: I see, I see. This time around, I was being cheap and used what I had around me, but next time I'm going to make them with the closed-lid boxes.