Friday, January 22, 2010

Glamarazzi Weekly Round-Up

Edited By: Iggi
It's about that time... Glamarazzi time! This weeks roundup is filled great links as usual. Thanx Ladies. Keedah and I are thrilled with the progress of Glamarazzi and are very proud of the blogs involved. The Glamarazzi is great group of bloggers and if you would like to join us simply click on the badge and you find all the info you need.
The Glamarazzi (Small)
Now let's get started...
Make-up/Music/Money/Me shows us her fierce $1 manicure and is kind enough to share where she got it...a recessionista with a heart!!

The Informed Makeup Maven has a fabulous and unique Valentine's Day Giveaway/Competition
Sparklecrack Central has a birthday coming up and to celebrate she is giving away great goodies for Week 3 of her Birthday Contest.
Diary Of Style Addict has created some amazing nail art with Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War with Gold and Sparkles ...the girl is talented!!
Read all about Project Danielle's diasterous madcap day at the mall in "Rant: What happened to Jersey Gardens?"
Blaq Vixen Beauty has a step by step, product by product breakdown of Mo'Nique's Golden Globe look. A wonderfully detailed post including pix of Mr.Sam Fine creating the actual look.
High End For Your Rear End gives you the best glossy covers of the month in "Cover Girls"
K is for Kinky has a honest and informative product review for us: : Revlon Photo Ready Foundation
Glamour Whore gives you a sneak peek at Chanel's upcoming "Coco Rouge" line of lipsticks.i

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