Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Korres Eye-liner set

The product in the package.


The product on my face.

     This wasn't even on my holiday list but during my last trip to Sephora, I had to get the Korres Naturally Defined Eyes gift set.
     At $25, it came with five eyeliner pencils and a volumizing mascara.
     What a deal.
     Korres is a Greek company that uses natural ingredients in their products.
     The pencils are infused with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil.      They're also paraben, sulphate and mineral oil free.
     Also, 100 percent of the packaging is made from recyclable materials.
     As for their performance, the liners were creamy and not waxy like other pencils that I've used in the past.
     I love the way that they just glided on my lids and stayed there all day.
     I haven't used the mascara yet but I'm loving the pencils.

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