Saturday, February 16, 2013

Meet my youngest host brother, Katleho!

 Katleho Tsiane is a cutie pie, until he turns into a terror! 

Meet my three-year-old host brother, Katleho (Kah-Clay-ho).
Cute, ain't he?
Well, don't let it fool you. He can be a little terror!

Here are a little bit more facts about Katleho:

Name: Katleho Tsiane (Last name is pronounced See-ahn-nee).

Age: 3 going on 33.

Nickname: The Dustbin Baby because he loves dirt.

Fave foods: Blue crayons.

Best friend: Mud and Dirt.

Fave sport: Playing with dirt, taking mud baths.

Single status: He has two "girlfriends" in the village.

Job: Being a bad boy.

Fave Drink: Tea.

So there.
Now you have all the stats on my 'lil boy.
He's something else but I love him to death.
This little boy has my heart!