Monday, December 14, 2009

My "To Listen To List" for 2010

I love discovering new music from different eras and genres. Some of my fave discoveries this year included records from The Rotary Connection, Betty Davis and The Undisputed Truth. But there's still more to learn and so much more to listen to. Here's a list (in no particular order)of artists who's music I'd really love to research and listen to next year:

-Jefferson Airplane: As I delve deeply into this psychedelic rock band's music, I find more and more songs that I like. You better believe that they are near the top of my "To Listen To List."

-Miles Davis: Betty Davis, Miles' second wife, is my second fave singer. I want to know how she influenced one of the greatest musicians of all time. And I want to study Miles' music.

-Charlie Pride: As one of the first black widely praised country musicians, there's no denying that Pride had an impact on the genre. I have one of his albums and hope to find his entire discography.

-Sly & the Family Stone: I grew up listening to Sly but I need to take the time and research and digest the man behind the music.

-Koko Taylor: I first heard about Taylor on Twitter through a tweet from Erykah Badu. Sadly, Taylor died in June but her brand of soul and blues still lives on.

-Esther Phillips: I came across a version of her song "Home is Where the Hatred Is" on YouTube and became an instant fan. A Google search of the soul singer revealed that Aretha Franklin gave her her Grammy award one year because she thought Phillips deserved it over her. That says a lot.

-Funkadelic/Parliament: I own three of their albums and have listened to but haven't digested them. My ears are ready.

Of course research and listening to these artists will take some time but I am ready for the ride and will let you know how it goes:) I swear, music is one hell of a vice.

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