Sunday, December 20, 2009

ALWAYS ask questions about your finances

     On Friday, I swiped my card in T.J. Maxx to pay for a 100% Pure body scrub gift set.
     Sadly, my card was denied.
     I swiped my card two more times, only for the cashier to tell me that he would have to call corporate to see what the matter was.
     I didn't want to hold up his line and I was slightly embarrassed so I just paid $3 in cash for the $13 scrub set (I used a $10 gift card to pay for most of the purchase.)
     Curious, I called T.J.Maxx to see what was going on and they said I was late on a payment.
     Huh? What? Me?
     Now my friends and family will tell you that I will go naked to make a credit card payment so this "explanation" from the T.J. Maxx rep didn't make any sense to me.
     The next call was to my bank.
     The bank rep told me that the last three payments I made to T.J.Maxx were processed.
     Huh? What? Come again?
     Needless to say, I was confused.
     So the bank rep called T.J.Maxx on my behalf.
     Come to find out, I had been sending the payments to the wrong dang address.
     And apparently the Post Office had stopped forwarding my payments.
     Womp, womp on me.
     The T.J. Maxx rep ended up dropping my late fee and told me that my next payment is due early next month. I didn't have to worry about this melee getting on my credit report, she said.
     The bank lady canceled my processed payments, since they hadn't been cashed. They'll be placed in my account so I can make the T.J.Maxx payment.
     I also updated the T.J.Maxx address so I can send my payments to the right place.
     Moral of the story is to question your finances, especially if you feel and in my case know that something isn't right.
     If I hadn't called around, I would've been stuck with a late fee, still sending payments to the wrong address and would've taken a slight hit to my credit score.
     Thanks to a little bit of investigation and skepticism, things worked out in my favor.
     You better believe I'm thanking the high heavens that it did.

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