Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pacifica Solid Perfume Review

During my last Sephora outing, I bought a little jar of Tuscan Blood Orange Solid Perfume.
Had never tried solid perfume before so I wanted to see what this $10 solid perfume was about.
In the tin, the perfume smells like a piece of Starburst candy. Very fruity and sweet; so much so that it reminds me of a little thing of lip balm.
The perfume remained that way on my arm for a few minutes.
Sadly, the perfume had no staying power whatsoever.
Good thing was that it wasn't an extremely loud scent, it was very subtle and the orange smell gave it a summery kind of feel.
I think this perfume will work better in the summertime, when perfume should be light and refreshing.
The good thing about the $10 perfume is that it's made with organic coconut wax, soy wax, and natural and essential oils.
Also, it can be easily carried in your pocketbook and the tin can even be reused.

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