Sunday, December 6, 2009

Songs of the Day: Leaked tracks from Alicia Keys's "The Element of Freedom"

I'm really liking these two leaked songs from Alicia Keys' upcoming album, "The Element of Freedom."
The first one is "Unthinkable" by rapper Drake, who's barely recognizable on the track but it doesn't even matter.
The song is gritty and slightly reminiscent of some of the material from Keys' second album "The Diary of Alicia Keys."
The second song, "Dreaming" is my fave out of the two.
It's smooth, relaxing, light and airy.
Funny thing is these two songs weren't even released as singles for "The Element of Freedom."
The album's first two tracks, "Doesn't Mean Anything" and "Sleeping With a Broken Heart" don't do anything for me.
I've gotten flack from friends in the past for this but I think Alicia Keys is a gifted, but OK entertainer.
Doesn't mean she has no talent though. The earlier other tracks I mentioned show that she still has potential and should be around for a little bit longer.
Damn her though, I might have to break down and buy her CD December 14.

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