Tuesday, December 22, 2009

LAVANILA Fragrance set

In the box.

In my hand. (Aren't they cute?)

     Ever see a cute little kid with pudgy cheeks that you just want to pinch?
     That's how I feel about my LAVANILA mini roller-ball fragrances.
     I paid $30 for the set from Sephora and I'm loving the teeny weeny bottles of smell good greatness!

The four fragrances are:

-vanilla coconut: This is a light essence that has a tropical feel to it.
-pure vanilla: This one is very soft and smells like a bakery goody.
-vanilla grapefruit: This fragrance has a slight sweetness to it and is the scent in the set that comes the closest to smelling like some of the non-natural perfumes on the market.
-vanilla lavender: My fave. This scent evokes a sense of calm and relaxation.

     All the fragrances have staying power and are infused with natural essential oils, botanicals and antioxidants.
     The cool thing is that they can be worn individually or layered on for a custom scent. I'm smitten.

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