Sunday, July 26, 2009

Music Moment: The Rotary Connection

One day, I was on YouTube looking for Minnie Riperton songs and came across this track.
It struck me. It awed me. It just moved me. The song is called "I Am the Black Gold of the Sun" and was recorded by a Chicago group named the Rotary Connection. (Minnie Riperton got her start in this group as a soprano, hence the YouTube find). But this song is on the group's last album, "Hey Love." The group also recorded five other albums during its time together. I admire "Hey Love," which was released in 1971, for its simplicity and beauty. Songs like "Song for Everyman" and "Vine of Happiness" remind us all that despite political affiliations, religious views and any other differences that we may have, we are all in this world together and are all trying to survive. Other tunes like "Hey, Love" and "Love Is" show us how wonderful and trivial love can be. Another one of my faves is "Love Has Fallen On Me". The rapper Common sampled the song on his "Finding Forever" CD a few years ago. Overall, the record is one of the most beautiful pieces of music that I've ever heard in my life so far and can be found here. My children will be required to listen to this jewel.

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