Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weekly Glamarazzi Round-up

Welcome to The "Glamarazzi" Roundup... It's our 2nd week and we're getting bigger and better gradually. My partner Keedah from Diary Of A Style Addict did a FABULOUS job kicking off the first roundup last week. I feel we have a great group of blogs involved and are always thrilled to welcome new members, so if you would like to be a part of "Glamarazzi" you can find all the info needed to join HERE.
Without further ado...
*Diary Of A Style Addict shows us her phenomenal nail art skills and tells us how to get breathtaking Mermaid Nails
*Make-up/Music/Money/Me shares her Beauty Product Wishlist with us...filled with great "must have" beauty goodies.
*FerOHHHSh Gives you Vogue Italia's ultra cool "Twitpic Cover" showing you just how far social networking sites have come.
*Glamour Whore Debates the good and bad points of Sephora's new "Makeup Vending Machines."

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