Thursday, March 24, 2011

Covergirl’s Natureluxe sweetly covers my natural lips

CoverGirl's new Natureluxe lip balms are subtle and moisturizing.

Lip balms/glosses are my second fave beauty product (nail polish is the first) so it’s a real good thing that CoverGirl has come out with a new line of gloss balms that are “touched by nature.”
I’ve been lemming over these new Natureluxe lip balms for a while now and recently got the chance to try out the lippies.
The balms are made with jojoba and cucumber extracts and features country superstar Taylor Swift as its spokeswoman.
At about $8 a pop, the balm is a bit pricey for my cheap britches but the drugstores always have CoverGirl products BOGO half off which makes it easy to get it at a cheaper price.
I recently scooped up “Coral” and “Anemone” from CVS during a CoverGirl BOGO and ended up paying about $3 because I returned a bottle of nail polish and used two coupons and a $3 CVS Extra Care rewards offer.
Here are hand swatches:

While the gloss balms are not very soothing like Burt's Bees' lippies, the Natureluxe gloss balms are moisturizing, which is what my kisser needs.
They're also not very glossy but the little bit of shine that the product gives off is A-OK with me.
I love the fact that the balms are not highly pigmented because sometimes I just want a little teeny bit of color on my lips, especially for a work-safe look. Wet n Wild’s natural lip shimmers are the opposite because they’re more lipstick and less balm.
My fave of two Natureluxe balms is “Anemone” because I like the color on me. Not too bright. Not too subtle. But you can definitely tell that there’s a little bit of color on my lips. Here's a swatch:

I expected “Coral” to be brighter but I really like its subtle sheen because it gives off a “quiet sexy” look. Here's a look:

Overall, I’m impressed with CoverGirl’s new Natureluxe balms. I even like the slim, light green packaging it comes in.
My Lancome juicy tube is going to have to move over because there’s a new lip kid on the block in my pocketbook!

FTC Disclosure: I was not compensated by CoverGirl for this review. I paid for the product with my own funds.

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