Sunday, March 6, 2011

My 90 cent Ulta haul and some 'feel good' Tina Turner

I got all this for under a dollar!! W00t!w00t!

I recently stopped by Ulta on my way home from work just to see what they had on their shelves (like I don't already know:}).
As usual, I ended up spotting some bargains on their clearance aisles: a bottle of method hand soap ($3), vitamin E oil ($4.50), a pumice stone (50 cents) and a loofah sponge (40 cents).
Altogether and after taxes, the items came to about $8.40.
But I used a $3.50 off coupon which brought my total down to about $4.90.
Apparently, I was eligible for more Ulta savings: an Ulta reward of $4 off my entire purchase. I took it. (The cheapskate in me will NEVER turn down a discount.)
That brought my total down to about 90 cents.
Not even a dollar for my entire Ulta purchase. Holla.

And here's my receipt for evidence:

And here's an awesome old school performance of "Feel Good" from Tina Turner:

I hope you enjoy this song and video as much as I am. Have a good week!

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