Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Video of the Day: Timothy Bloom's "'Til the End of Time"

There's been a lot of Internet chatter about Timothy Bloom's video, "'Til the End of Time."
The video features him and the gorgeous V. Bozeman butt naked and singing the hell out of said song.
Nudity doesn't faze me. Never has. Never will.
I think the video is a beautiful expression of black love that's slightly reminiscent of "D'Angelo's" "How Does it Feel."
Although nudity in music videos is nothing new, it seems like more people have been getting comfy in their skin since Badu's controversial and courageous "Window Seat" video.
Natalie Stewart (The Floacist formerly of Floetry) recently released a beautiful video containing nudity for her single, "Let Me."
I don't have a problem with nudity in music videos, as long as it's tasteful, natural and respectful.
What do you think?

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