Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Crazy Stick solid perfume review

I like these little tubes and containers of solid perfumes that seem to be popping up everywhere.
The latest one I bought was My Crazy Stick's Vanilla Lemon Pie scent from Sephora for about $8 during their beauty clearance a while back.
There should be a crime for how good this little cutie smells because I just want to eat it!
The scent has two notes: first, lemon and then, vanilla. The lemon has a fun aspect to its scent while the vanilla scent has a romantic vibe to it.
I found that the scent lasted all day and is a lovely companion to my EARTHWORKS limone body oil.
I also like the fact that it’s small enough to throw in your purse or a clutch.

FTC Disclosure: I was not compensated by My Crazy Stick for this review. I paid for the product with my own funds.

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