Friday, March 11, 2011

Nails of the days: a pastel, glitters, and a gem

I recently won these beautiful nail polishes from the lovely Andi of Viva Polish:

Here's Hard Candy's "Sky":

This color has Easter and springtime written all over it. I didn't like it at first. Now I love this hue on my nails.
And to take "Sky" to the next level, I applied two coats of Revlon's "Galaxy" over it:

I like the small bits of black and silver hex glitter pieces in "Galaxy". Love it over "Sky." Nice.

Here is Revlon's "Midnight":

This is another one that I didn't like initially but after two coats, it was love after first application. It has an gem-like quality to it and is a very winter-ish kind of hue.

And here's Funky Fingers' "Blitzen":

This looks very turquoise in the bottle but very, very green on my nails. I love this color!! Couldn't stop looking at my nails!

I can't decide on a fave. I like them all!! What are you wearing on your nails?


  1. Love Blitzen! I'm current wearing China Glaze's Secret Periwinkle.

  2. Blitzen is awesome and I just Googled CGSP and it's a beauty!! Perfect for springtime.