Sunday, June 3, 2012

Polish Week: Some Popular Manis

Happy Sunday!

Today, I'm beginning to run posts for what I'm calling Polish Week on my blog. Yay!
It'll be a week filled with the glossy, glittery goodness that is nail polish.
I'll be sharing information and tidbits about nail care, lacquer lingo and even some of my favorite types of manicures. I'm starting off Polish Week with some popular types of manicures.
Now, these aren't all of them but these are some of the most commonly done ones:

-Skittles: When the fingers are painted in different colors:
-Halfmoon: This mani uses two nail polish colors for slight concave effect at the “half moons” of the nailbed. Paint the nail with the first color. Then the second color is painted just above where the natural “half moon” of the naked nail would be located:
-Nail Strips: Adhesive strips that come in an array of colors and designs and are placed on the nail bed and filed to fit the contours of the nail:
-Ombre/Gradation: Polished nails with colors in the same family that go from light to dark and vice versa. Can be done over one nail or the entire hand:
-Shellac: A popular gel manicure that doesn’t chip for two weeks. Perfect for busy mothers and career woman. (Ladies, we have no excuses for naked nails!)

-Water Marbling: A design created by dropping nail polish into a cup of water, using a toothpick to create motifs, then placing your finger in the water and under the motif so that the motif’s design appears on the nail.

-Mannequin hands: Nail polish that is as close to the person’s skin tone as possible.

-Accent nail: When all but one nail is painted in a different color. It’s usually the ring finger that’s painted in a different color or bejeweled:
-Newspaper mani: Using newspaper text to design the nail. Usually done by dipping a part of nail polish in alcohol, then applying to the nail so the text comes on on the nail.

Which is these types of manis is your favorite? What's on your tips and toes today?

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