Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Polish Week: Lacquer Lingo

Hi there!

I thought it would be cool to share some popular types of nail polish with you for today's installation of Polish Week:

-Magnetic: This kind of polish has magnetic particles that are activated when an in-cap magnet is placed over wet polish:
-Crackle: This kind of nail polish forms fissures or cracks when placed over the painted nail:
-Duochrome: This polish type features two different colors in it, depending on which way you angle the nail:
-Flakie: This type of polish has flakes in its formula:
-Holographic: This is a polish that produces a “rainbow affect” once painted on the nails.

-Cream: This polish has a thin consistency that can sometimes appear wet on the nail bed:
-Matte: This polish finish lacks a shine and therefore is dull:
-Foil: This polish finish has a metallic finish and a sparkle similar to aluminum foil, hence the name:

Which is your favorite? I love creams, foils, flakies, heck...I love 'em all! LOL!

And what color is on your tips and toes these days?

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