Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Polish Week: My Nailcare Tips Part 1

I’m not a professional but my nails are always pristine. Here are some nail care tips that I’ve picked up from the beauty blogosphere:

-When taking care of your nails, you must care for your hands, too. I make my own hand scrub by mixing one cup of sugar or salt and half a cup of olive oil. Then, I take a handful and scrub all over my hands.

-To cut or not to cut? Some people cut their cuticles. Not me. I push mine back with an Orange Wood stick.

-Olive oil is a great cuticle moisturizer. Don’t have any? Use lip balm.

-I’m a fan of glass nail files because they tend to not split my nails as much as standard files do.

-To prevent air bubbles showing up in your mani, roll your polish in between your hands instead of shaking it.

-Base coats are essential to your nail polish! It keeps your nail bed from being stained and helps the polish adhere better to the nail.

-Two coats of nail polish will give you full opacity, but sometimes I’ll apply three to make the polish really pop!

Have any other polish/nail care tips? And what's on your fingers and toes these days?

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