Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sephora and LUSH hauls:)

I keep saying I'm not going to buy many beauty products.
But then I keep running out of them or I'll walk up to Sephora and can't seem to walk past it.
Temptation is the devil, I swear it is.
But I don't feel half as guilty for my recent Sephora haul because I bought several "needs" that included:

-tarte's tickled cheek stain which cost me $30. I've used their products before. They're natural, eco-friendly and work well. This stain was very soft but worked well with my complexion.
-tarte's natural eye primer for $20 and helped my shadow last all night so I was happy with this purchase.
-three samples of free bareMinerals foundation
-one sample of Carol's Daughter lemon and rose hand cream

I spent $50 in Sephora but it was well-worth it.
Even got my face done in smokey eyes (Korres shadow, liner and mascara) and used the tarte cheek stain on my cheeks:

I usually go in Sephora with a bare face and nails so I can sample different products and get the consultants to give me tips and stuff. LOVE that place.

I also went into LUSH.
I had only been in there one other time and I was too distracted by a phone conversation to really pay attention to the products.
But I listened this time. The consultant was telling me how their products are made from natural ingredients and are vegan, vegetarian and earth-friendly.
Me liked that.
I ended up buying a mint-chocolatey soap for $9 and two little lotion bars for about $8 a piece (I got a free soap tin since I bought two bars).

OK, now these little lotion bars surprised me the most!
Thinking it was soap, I accidentally wet the oval one, lol. The sales lady was like, "Nah boo, this is lotion!"
I loved the whole concept of them, though.
You just rub your hands over the bars and there's your moisturizer!
The two I got were made with Shea and cocoa butters, and essential oils.
This was great because I just recently switched to using natural Shea butter again for my face and I was in the market for a facial moisturizer.
The heart-shaped bar has real chocolate in it. How sweet! Both of the bars surprisingly quenched my skin's thirst and made me feel really soft.
They weren't greasy or oily and smelled so good.
LUSH is my new fave destination for natural goodies.

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