Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Products I'm Using Right Now

I've been buying and trying out lots of product lately and instead of writing individual reviews, I thought I'd share several of the items in one post:

1. The Body Shop's Sisal Wash Cloth: I got this baby for $1 several weeks ago and liked the soft hardness of it. It's not concrete hard but both tough and gentle enough to exfoliate your skin and stimilate circulation. I've been applying my soap and shower gel on it and love it.

2. 100% Pure Organic Strawberry Lemonade Body Scrub: This company can do no wrong. This scrub smells just as delicious as it feels on my body. It reminds me of summer, a season that I am desperately hoping would quickly arrive. The scrub isn't too oily and does its job.

3. yes to carrots lip balm, tint and shine: I'm not a big fan of this company's lotions and creams, but they've won me over with their lip products. They are made with vitamins and minerals that leave your kisser feeling soft, shiny and sexy. My fave is the Red Hot lip gloss, which is a nice substitute for red lipstick.

4. Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Body Butter: I got this butter for about $4 from a book store clearance sale and it's a dream. It's highly hydrating and smells like warm weather. I've used their products before but this is by far my fave.

5. Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover: $17 is a lot to spend on nail polish remover but this little mama was worth every penny. It's an oil-based formula that kept my nails hydrated, unlike traditional polish removers. And the lavender smell was pleasant.

Photos courtesy of Google.


  1. I'd love to try the Yes to carrots lip gloss. Sounds really nice! But in Spain I've only seen their lip-balms. I hope they bring them in the near future!

  2. Hey Lara. Their lip glosses are very creamy and non-sticky. They're not as loud as other glossies but still nice. I believe yes to carrots is a fairly new company so they might just be trying to test U.S. waters first before doing overseas sales.