Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trader Joe's Soap Review

     I knew Trader Joe's had quality and affordable foods, but their soaps surprised me.
     I've been using the Oatmeal & Honey pure vegetable soap for a couple of months now.
     Funny because it smells just like cinnamon. So good.
     It worked well though.
     I liked the little flecks of oatmeal it it. They made for a slight exfoliation effect on my body.
     I also liked the lather action that came with this bar.
     I also used the lavender and lemon soaps.
     My fave out of all the soaps is the lemon.
     It smells like a dream and works really well.
     Overall, I feel these soaps do their job.
     Trader Joe's and soap: who knew they'd be a good match?

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