Friday, February 12, 2010

Music Review: Gil Scott-Heron's "I'm New Here"

Young people often roll their eyes, suck their teeth or even ignore the advice of their elders.
They shouldn't.
You see, old(er) people have lived and therefore experienced things.
They know.
That sense of knowledge is heavily evident while listening to Gil Scott-Heron's new album, "I'm New Here."
Scott-Heron is a conscious singer most famous for his 1971 hit "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised."
"I'm New Here" is a mix of spoken word and songs that detail family, love and life.
It begins with Scott-Heron speaking about his broken family in "On Coming From a Broken Home Part 1."
The album's first single, "Me and the Devil" is a dark and grungy song where Scott sings "...Me and the devil are walking side by side..."
One of my favorites on the album is the interlude "Parents," where Scott-Heron tells people to listen to their mom and pops. "I believe the the spirits are your parents...they want you to live on because they want to live on...," he says.
My other favorite track is "I'll Take Care of You." The song is very sad, but honest and poignant.
Scott-Heron continues to school in "New York is Killing Me" and "Running."
He ends the album the way he began, by talking about how his broken home affected his life.
"I came from what they called a broken home," Scott-Heron says. "My life has been guided by woman and because of them, I'm a man..."
Deep words from a man whose advice and new CD shouldn't be ignored.

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