Monday, February 22, 2010

The Farmer's Almanack: the best that $4 can buy

Every time I try to visit Virginia to see my family and friends, I end up canceling the trip because of inclement weather such as flooding and snow storms.
This has happened three times now!
It's frustrating because it throws my plans off and I can't argue with Mother Nature.
One thing I've done to help with my planning is I recently bought a copy of J. Gruber's Town and Country Almanack.
Although I paid only $4 for it, there's a wealth of pretty good information in here, like weather forecasts, cleaning tips and historical facts.
When I was a business intern at The Virginian-Pilot, the former business editor would regularly consult the farmer's almanac for story ideas and article context.
Here's an example of a story I wrote where my former business editor told me to cite information from the almanac for context.
Here are a few other random bits of info. from the almanack:

-it gives the best times and days to go fishing
-it gives information on American history such as presidents, vice presidents, state flowers and state birds
-there's a section on farm and garden tips
-there's another section giving health advice
-the almanack gives cleaning, cooking and handyman tips

Please don't ask me why I didn't invest in a copy sooner.
I don't know why, but I have my copy now and will regularly consult it.

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