Sunday, February 21, 2010

I found a $30 black suit from T.J. Maxx!!

Here's a pic of my $30 suit from T.J.Maxx. Holla.

I had been in the market for a solid black suit since I didn't own one.
They're good to have around for work and job interviews.
And any image consultant will tell you about its power.
So finding the perfect black suit had been my mission.
After shopping around at different places, I had a major break-through Saturday night.
But first, I have to tell you the back story and why I feel so special about this purchase.
Last week, I bought a pair of black Editor pants and a suit jacket from Express for about $150.
I returned both pieces on Friday since they didn't match and the pants were slightly too big. (FYI: I bought the pieces in the first place because I had a serious coupon.)
Afterward, I went to Macy's and found a nice black suit for $95.
I had every intention of keeping it until I came across a better suit on T.J.Maxx's clearance rack.
The price tag? $29! Yep. No lie.

Here's the evidence.

I tried the suit on. It fit perfectly. I bought it.
Then, I rushed back over to Macy's and returned the $95 suit.
My debit card must be mad at me, but I'm a bargain hunter.
I love deals like my little $30 suit (it was $30 after taxes).
And I don't think there's anything wrong with looking good at an affordable price.


  1. When you find awesome buys that are cheap, you just feel better about yourself, don't you? I always get this feeling of acomplishment, like I'm smarter or something! LOL

    Congrats on your find.

  2. Yes girl!! I felt like I hit the jackpot or something after finding this. Funny thing is I saw this same exact suit in Macy's for $80. It's a great find!