Monday, February 15, 2010

10 nails, 6 colors, 2 days

Happy Monday!

I went crazy with my nails this weekend.
On Saturday, I bought three Nicole by OPI polishes in Let's Get Star-ted, Wild Blue Yonder and Wink of Twink:

I've used this brand before so I know how good the polish is. Plus, I paid about $4 for all of them since I used a Walmart gift card and two $1 off coupons. They usually retail for about $7 each.
My fave of the trio is Let's Get Star-ted.
It's a clear, sparkly hue with cute little stars in the polish:

Isn't that cute!!??

I also love the Wild Blue Yonder, which is a gorgeous bright blue with a gem-like quality.

I mixed all three colors for different looks:

Here's Wild Blue Yonder and Wink of Twink. Please excuse the image quality. I tried my best to get a close-up of the colors.

And here's Wild Blue Yonder and Let's Get Star-ted.

So there were your five nail colors, lol. I'm gonna play around with these polishes more in the next few weeks. They've got me all excited (yes, good polishes can do that to you:=}).

And on Sunday, I went to see my nail technician James.
He's the one who did my $1 mani about a month ago.
Well, James worked his same magic on my feet and again on my hands.
I would show you a picture of my feet but I'm sensitive about them so, I'll
just leave you with an image of my hands:

Aren't they puuuurdy??

James used the Color Club's Wild Child. It's a nice hot pink that I wanted to use in celebration of Valentine's Day. And it was the sixth color on my nails this weekend. How fun and sweet:)

And I was blessed to get out and do some shopping this weekend. I was suffering from cabin fever which was a direct result of this snowstorm that dumped about 50 inches of snow on the Baltimore area in less than a week. Here's my beauty haul from Target:

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