Friday, December 9, 2011

School's in session with this pretty e.l.f. palette

My friend Elena gave me some more make-up, the e.l.f. beauty encyclopedia shadow palette!!! And lemme tell you, I've have fallen in love with it!

Here's a picture of the palette:

This shadow palette contains 12 powder shadows, 2 creme colors and a double-sided brush and a black liner.

Here are swatches (no primer):

And here are some looks I tried using the shadows:

The shadows are very blend-able, long-lasting and wearable for both work and play.
I've been using and loving the brown and other neutral colors for work.
Even been rocking a smokey eye with the brown and black shadows!!
Most were shimmery, which do the same thing for my lids as metallic polish does for my fingers, so that's a plus.
The only thing I didn't like were the creme shadows. They just did not work with my eyelids. Or maybe I didn't know how to blend them in? **scratches head**
Where's a make-up artist when you need one?
Either way, the creme shadows looked like colorful Vaseline on my lids. Not cool.
Other than that, I liked the palette.
Not bad for an inexpensive lesson on beauty.
Thanks again Elena!

FTC Disclosure: The product was gifted to me.


  1. Personally I have to use an eyeshadow base when using cream shadows or they crease pretty much instantly. A good base (ELF's eye primer is great) will keep it in place. I'm impressed at how pigmented this palette is, especially that last row! I really like the purple on you ;]

  2. Duh!!! Maybe I need to use a primer with these cream shadows!! It's like they're Vaseline on my lids. It just won't work. This palette surprised me too. Colors are very blendable and long-lasting. I might pick up a few more from Target soon. And you need to send me your address. I think I have it but not sure. E-mail me at

  3. Yup it's the same way with me. I first figured out the primer thing when I bought a bunch of NYX jumbo pencils since everyone raved about them.. they would look TERRIBLE on me after 10-15 mins. Ridiculous creasing! But primer solved the problem and I now use it with a couple of other cream based eye products as well. Let me know if it works out for you!

    Shooting you my address right now ;)