Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Glitter Polish Week: Sally Hansen's Rockstar Pink

I'm on vacation this week but since New Year's is a few days away, I wanted to celebrate by showing you some glitter polishes I've been wearing this season.
Here's an oldie but goodie from Sally Hansen!

Sally Hansen's Rockstar Pink is next up for my glitter polish showcase this week.
I've had this baby in my collection for some time but really have been ignoring it.
I searched my archives and couldn't see where I swatched it and I don't know why because this polish really is an underrated beauty.
Rockstar Pink has a clear base with tons of pink, blue and purple pieces of glitter suspended in it.
It can come off as a dark pink or purple polish, depending on what kind of light you view it in and how close you are to it.
It took me about three coats to reach full opacity and the polish didn't dry gritty like other glitter polishes.
I thought removal was going to be a pain but surprisingly, the polish peeled off in chunks after a few days.
This polish is part of Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear collection and can be found at drugstores and big-box stores for about $3.

FTC Disclosure:
I paid for the product with my own funds.


  1. Love this one! I got mine at Target on clearance for a buck and change and then saw them go back up to full price.. for once I had good timing ;)

  2. Yeah this is a another beauty! I'm going to start wearing this one more often. Sally Hansen can do no wrong!

    1. I LOVE this polish -Marrietta