Monday, December 5, 2011

Day and Night: e.l.f. swatches/review

My friend Elena recently gifted me with some very pretty e.l.f. shadow trios!!
I was so excited to use these because they were so bright and gorgeous.
The names of these palettes are Night and Day.
Reminds me of that Al B. Sure song from back in the day. LOL.

Here are swatches of Day:

And take a look at Night:

Here's Night my eyes:

And Day on my peepers:

I like Night a little bit better than Day because of the bright pink and purple shades. Funny thing is I'm actually a night owl and am more alert after hours.
Honestly, I think I'd be scared to rock Day during the day because the combination of green, black and white intimidates me.
Either way, I like these e.l.f. palettes and I consider this another win from e.l.f.
O, and thanks for these pretty palettes Elena!

FTC Disclosure:
The products were gifted to me from a friend.


  1. Oh god, my brother used to sing that song at the top of his lungs and bust my ear drums lol. These look really good! Can't believe how pigmented they are, ELF can be so hit-or-miss.

  2. LOL. I love when the song comes on the radio! Classic! I'm still working with Day. Just not feeling the green and black. Night is on point though!