Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recent nail designs I've worn

Here is the SinfulColors edition of some recent nail designs I've worn:

SinfulColors' HD

What a beautiful emerald green! Very timely for the holiday season too!

SinfulColors' Black on Black:

Basic black. I will be using this as a base for some of my glitter polishes.

And with a coat of wet n wild's Hallucinate:

SinfulColors' Snow Me White

Basic white. I'll also use this as a base for some upcoming nail designs.

And I used Sephora's Cherry Popsicle for Vampire Fangs:

This was a Halloween leftover and I'm just now getting to post it! Loved this look. Got lots of compliments!

What's on your tips and toes?

FTC Disclosure: I paid for the products with my own funds.


  1. I really like the last set of nails, you have some serious skills. I can't keep my hands steady to do any desings.

    BTW, I just saw your email. Sorry I'm late, but; I did reply back :-)

  2. Pretty manis! LOVE the Halloween one! The sad thing is the only polish I don't own from this post is Cherry Popsicle lol I have a serious problem! ;)