Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I got my hair did!!! Yeah!!

I recently got my locs tightened up and they look so good! I get asked questions from time to time about my locs and loc maintenance so I wanted to give you all a few answers to some questions you may have wanted to ask but were embarrassed, scared, etc.

Q: OK, so exactly how many locs do you have?

A: 183. Yes that's right, 183. I was bored one day and counted, lol.

Q: How long have you had your locs?

A: I've had my locs for about 9 years now.

Q: How much does it cost to maintain your locs?

A: It costs me about $100 when I get them tightened up at the shop. I'll throw in an extra $20 if I'm getting it styled.

Q: How often do you get them tightened up?

A: I get them tightened up about three times a year. Usually around springtime, then for my birthday, then around the holiday time.

Q: Why did you get locs in the first place?

A: I used to run long distance in high school and needed something conducive to my athletic lifestyle. I wore relaxers for the longest time but I would sweat them out daily so I needed something that I would not sweat out.

Q:. What color are your locs?

A: Now, they're like an ombre black/brownish color. They've been red, auburn, black, brown.

Have any more questions to ask me about my locs?


  1. Looking sharp! It seems like it's a pretty low maintenance style to wear.. I wish I only had to worry about my hair 3 times a year! Since I dyed my hair blonde it's been CONSTANT maintenance.

  2. Thanks lady! My hair truly is one of the least stressful parts of my life! Funny thing is I considered dying my locs blonde but was told that it would be too high maintenance and would break my hair off! Your locks look good.