Monday, August 17, 2009

Product Review: Japanese Cherry Blossom Radiant Powder Spray

One product caught my eye during Bath & Body Works' semi-annual sale last month. Of course, it was in the clearance bin, but it looked so pretty. It was a powder spray in the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent and was marked down to about $2. How could I not get it? Plus, I liked the way the bottle looked. It had a very old glamour about it. This is a very unique product. It "puffs" perfume that's in the form of powder. Yea, interesting, right? I puffed a few puffs on me and a shimmery mix of fragrance and glitter came out. Only thing is you have to gently rub the mix in your skin to blend it in. Other than that, it's a pretty cool product and an alternative to traditional perfume. Check it out here where it retails for about $12.

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  1. TWO BUCKS!!!!???? wow! i want it!!


  2. Yeah girl, I had to get it for two bucks! lol.