Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Music Moment: Decorate Your Own Record Stand



My record collection is getting so expansive that I barely have room in my tiny apartment to store all my precious babies. (Yes, they're like children:) )
Recently, I decided to decorate a record stand that I found for free at the local landfill.
The supplies included Modge Podge, a paint brush, scissors and magazine pages.
The Modge Podge was about $7 and I got it from Walmart. It can also be purchased at craft stores.
I had all the other supplies.
All I did was cut images and pages from an Ebony magazine that I had and glued them onto the table.
I did two coats of the Modge Podge and let it sit for about two weeks.
Then, viola! My table was done.
It was that simple and for only $7, a really inexpensive DIY project.
Now I have a more stylish option for my records.


  1. Magazines are the perfect thing to Mod Podge! Very cool. I love cheap!

  2. They are because the gloss holds up so well with the Mod Podge. It was a fun project. Cheap is always good.