Saturday, August 1, 2009

Music Moment: Finding Your Mom's Old Record Collection

Came across this interesting, heartwarming and bizarre story on Yahoo this morning: This Sacramento man goes to an antique shop and buys a dozen old vinyl 45s. He thinks nothing of them until he gets home and sees his mother's name and the address of his childhood home on the labels. How freaky is that!? Now his mother and stepfather were frequent dancers who would jitterbug at the local big-band era dance hall so they loved their music. His mom died in 1979. But he never knew what happened to his mother's record collection until he discovered his recent purchases at the antique store. Wow. Cool read. Nice video too. We need more stories like this. Just made my day:)


  1. what a cool story! i'm mad that i live in sacramento and i didn't even know about it until i read your blog. good stuff.

  2. isn't it! that's got to be so a record only to realize later that it was your mother's. wow. you should check out that record store for you and me both, lol.