Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Music Moment: My latest record haul:)

I wasn't supposed to do it.
Swore up and down that I wouldn't.
But my darling boyfriend just HAD to take me to Fells Point on Sunday and we just HAD to walk past one of my fave record stores, The Sound Garden.
And I just HAD to step foot in there.
Tried to walk past the place-I really, really did-but it was no use.
Couldn't help it.
There really is no 12-step program for my music addiction.
To my surprise, I came across this HARD TO FIND Betty Davis record!! Yeah!!!! It's her first release and one that I had been hoping to get on vinyl ever since I fell in love with her music a few months ago.
I got it on CD last month as a birthday present. But owning it on vinyl is a gift from the musical gods.
I almost had a seizure when I saw it.
It was $21 and I happily blew my weekend budget on this treasure. (Í will write about this dynamic woman soon.)
Fortunately and unfortunately, I wasn't done with records on Sunday.
Me and Aaron went to a couple of yard sales in Charles Village and what did we see lying in the front yard at the first one??
Yes. Records!!
I just can't escape them. They're everywhere.

Here's a list of what I got at the yard sale:

-The Doobie Brothers: "Best of the Doobies"
-Queen: "A Night at the Opera"
-Donna Summer: "Greatest Hits Volume Two"
-The Moody Blues: "Seventh Sojourn"
-Lionel Richie: "Can't Slow Down"
-USA for Africa: "We Are the World"

They were a buck each so I paid $6 all together. Score!
I'm so excited about these titles. I've already heard the Queen, the Doobie Brothers and Donna Summer ones and love them.
I'm discovering songs that I heard of before but never knew who sang them. For example (and excuse my ignorance here), I didn't know that the Doobie Brothers sang "Listen to the Music" and "Long Train Runnin'." I mean, I've heard those songs a million times but hearing them on vinyl and discovering that the Doobie Brothers sang them was refreshing. That's why I love crate-digging. There's always so much to hear.
And there's never too much to learn:)

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