Monday, August 3, 2009

Coupon Clipping: InSyle magazine's August 2009 Issue

A friend gave me InStyle magazine's August issue last week and I noticed several really, really good coupons in it:

-A $2 off coupon for any Revlon cosmetic product on page 111. Coupon expires September 30.

-A $3 off coupon for any Nexxus salon hair care product on page 133. Coupon expires August 31 and can only be used at Target stores.

-A $1 off coupon for any ALMAY cosmetic product coupon on page 145. Coupon expires December 31 and can only be used at Target stores.

I probably won't use the Nexxus coupon but the others are all really good coupons that I will put to good use somehow and someway. I like to hold on to my coupons until I see a good or interesting product on either sale or clearance. We'll see what I'll find with these money-savers.

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