Sunday, April 29, 2012

What I've been eating lately

Here's a sampling of what I've been eating lately:

Kale, salmon, and German bread:

This was an easy-peasy dinner I recently made. Kale is officially my fave green. I can eat it every day for the rest of my life and be happy.


This used to be one of my fave candies as a child. I recently went to the movies and ordered some popcorn. They offered me any candy for $2 and I couldn't refuse.

Green Tea:

I drink a lot of green tea but have never seen a fancy tea bag like this one.

Strawberry and almond salad:

I first ate this at my local gelato shop and tried to make it myself. I love the sweetness of the strawberries and the crunch of the sliced almonds. So yum!

Beet salad:

This is fast becoming a favorite. I love beets and spinach so this is a perfect match made in salad heaven!

What about you? What have you been grubbing or sipping lately?


  1. This post reminded me that I've an avocado that I have been waiting on to ripen. Remove the it, pour some soy sauce in the well, mash it with a fork: it's a meal unto itself. That beet salad looks great, too. :]

  2. Soy sauce and avocado? Really? I love my avocados sprinkled with olive oil, salt and pepper but I have to try it with soy sauce. I've always loved beets and love it with the feta cheese in the salad.