Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NOTD: Revlon's Posh

Revlon recently revamped their entire core collection of polishes and I'm loving the results!
Posh is just one of the many lacquers from the collection and let me tell you, she's a beauty!
Posh is a regular ole' primary green that set me back a measly $5.
Take a peek at Posh on my nails:

She's beautiful and reminds me of spring. And she's kind of girly. That's why I keep referring to Posh as "her" and "she," lol.

And here she is with a coat of the lovely that is Essie's Shine of the Times:

And here she is with a coat of Forever 21's Light Green:

This color combination makes me want to go all Flavor Flav on you....Yeah booooooyyyy!!!!! (Um, now that I think of it, maybe Flavor Flav isn't the right person to reference! LOL!)

This color is very refreshing, flattering and sprightly (loving that word!).
The formula on this lacquer was perfect. It wasn't too thick or too thin.
Posh applied like a dream in two coats but I did three so that the color can really POP!
I wore Posh for five days straight and had very little chippage.
My only complaint about Posh was that it stained when I removed it.
But I can let that disadvantage pass because the price, formula and color make up for it.

What do you think of Posh? What's on your tips and toes these days?

FTC Disclosure: I paid for the polish with my own funds.


  1. i'd actually get that! i've been loving the revlon products lately for both nails and lips. they are WINNING in my book

  2. OMG isn't it purdy?! I recently bought two of their lip butters and see the hype. Going to review them soon!