Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Poem in Polish: Why I like spring

What do I like about spring?
O my, there are so many things!

I like the pretty pink flowers...

...and purple ones too!
I like the bright blue skies...

...such a pretty hue!
I also like the smell of freshly cut grass...

...and the rain that makes it grow so fast.
I like the soft, yellow sun...

...and its beautiful glow.
I like Easter and Peeps and peaceful, pastel tones...

...but on second thought, all the rain might be a bummer.
But hey, at least spring is a prelude to summer!

(Polishes used: Hard Candy's Sky Blue, SinfulColors' Cinderella, Revlon's Posh, Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow and SinfulColors' Mint Apple.)

FTC Disclosure: I paid for these polishes with my own funds.