Thursday, April 5, 2012

Products I've recently used up

Nothing excites me more than using every last drop of a cosmetic product that I bought with my hard-earned money!
You can make fun of me all you want to for cutting up my lotion bottles but me no care! I'm getting my money's worth and not wasting product.
When I finish a product, I toss it in a bag before recycling the bottle or container. Over the past three to four months, this is what I've used up:

Here are the lip products:

And the shower gels & body sprays:

And the body creams:

And the face moisturizers & perfumes:

Eye products:

And the nail stuff; can't forget the nail products:

This is a lot of product!
Stuff I'll re-buy: include the Josie Maran Argan Oil moisturizers, the Caramex lip balm, the e. Booth body creams and the Posche topcoat.

What about you, what products have you used up recently? And what will you re-buy?

FTC Disclosure: I bought these products with my own money.

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