Thursday, April 12, 2012

Random experiences with beauty products

Hi there,

Hope you're week's going well!
As random as this may sound, I wanted to write a post about my random experiences with beauty products because there are things that I do regarding my make-up collection that I never really noticed that I did until I actually noticed that I did these things.
That make sense to you? It didn't to me neither, lol.
Well, here's my list of random beauty stuffs:

-Sometimes, I like to wear nothing but eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss because I feel like I need to let my face air out and rest from shadow and blush.

-I apply sunscreen before I apply my precious Josie MaranArgan Oil solid moisturizer because it adds that extra layer of moisturization that my dry skin needs and loves.

-I wear a face mask at least three times a week.

-My most-worn and favorite eye shadows are shimmery plums and metallic browns.

-After I'm done with my mascaras, I cut off the brushes, sterilize them and then recycle them into spoolies so I can declump my mascara. Read about that in a magazine!

-If there's a beauty product that I'm almost done with, I'll put it on my bathroom sink and use it up until it's gone.

-I've been using my lip liners as a base for my lipstick and it's been helping my lipstick last longer. Learned this from a MAC make-up artist at a fashion show.

-I've never been successful at applying nail stampers. I've gently rubbed the stampers with nail files but still, no go. Dunno what I'm doing or not doing but those silly nail stampers never seem to work for me:(.


  1. That mascara wand trick is the best thing I've read all week.. thank you for that tip!!

  2. Read that in Glamour, I believe. It works! And I'm doing my part by recycling!