Monday, April 25, 2011

NOTDs and a polish haul (pic heavy)

Happy Monday!

I've had a great weekend so far. Spent some time with my big brother yesterday. Cleaned up my apartment. And I went to go see "Water for Elephants" last night.
Here's what I wore on my nails this weekend:

Gold finger. That’s the first thing that came to mind after I applied Sephora by OPI’s “Rumba Romance” on my nails:

I scooped this baby up on sale at Sephora a few weeks ago for $5.
Unfortunately, I liked the color in the bottle but not so much on my digits.
The polish is a bright metallic gold that has too much yellow in it for me.
It’s darker than wet n wild’s “ Goldmine” and lighter than “Rustic.”
While I love shimmery and metallic polishes, I think this hue does nothing for me.
However, I did like it with a coat of "Black Shatter" from OPI:

Next, I wore "Party Hop" from L'Oreal:

This is a shimmery lilac that I'm not sure if I'd wear to a party. It's very spring-ish though.
Sadly, it looked good in the bottle but not on my fingers. It took four, thin coats for full opacity.
I wasn't happy with this at all so my nails went nude for a couple of days:

TWO DAYS!!! That's a long time for me to go sans polish but sometimes I feel my nails need to breath.
But at least I got to swatch pretty Butter London polishes during an Ulta trip yesterday:

I ended up buying Butter London's "Artful Dodger" from Ulta and two Sally Hansens, "The Real Teal" and "Rockstar Pink" from Walgreens. I also got the underrated Seche Vite topcoat from CVS which is the only top coat I'll ever use because it dried my polish in no time. I showered. No chips. I did my make-up. No smudges. This is the ONLY top coat I'll ever buy in my life.
Here's a pic of the haul:

And here's "Artful Dodger" on my nails:

This is a pretty soft blue perfect for spring. This bottle of polish was worth every $15 I spent on it. The brush fanned out a nice amount of the polish onto my nail bed. The formula was creamy and easy to apply. The color is so pretty. Can't stop looking at my nails.

What's currently on your nails? How was your weekend?
I hope you have a positive and productive week and stay tuned for an upcoming, overdue polish giveaway!!!!


  1. I really like the gold and silver!

  2. The gold has too much yellow in it for me. I wanted to like it but it wasn't working for me:(

  3. OMG, yes! I think I'm going to wear it next.