Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Backpacking throughout southern Africa!!!

   During my time in Lesotho, I've been fortunate enough to backpack all throughout the southern Africa region at places like Ladybrand, South Africa.
   Here are other places I've visited:

Allover, Lesotho:

I'm here with my girl Rachel at the highest pub in Africa at Sani Pass in Mokhotlong, Lesotho. I've been to every district (state) in Lesotho except for two.

Durban, South Africa: This was my very first vacation as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I really liked the beach and the culture of Durban, the place Gandhi called home for nearly 20 years.

Bloemfontein, South Africa: I stayed in and out of Bloemfontein for medical and vacation. It's a nice city with lots of shopping and things to do!

Cape Town, South Africa:

Here's footage of the clouds blanketing Table Mountain during my trip to Cape Town, South Africa. It's an old video but I've finally uploaded it. Enjoy!

Clarens, South Africa: Clarens was a nice little weekend getaway. The town is cute and quaint and filled with lots of little specialty shops.

Mapoto and Tofo Beach, Mozambique: Moz was niiiiiice, especially the beach and the fresh seafood! 

Swaziland: I stayed in Lobamba about a 10-minute taxi ride from the capital, Mbabane.

   I traveled very cheaply, spending at least $300 USD on each trip. That allowed me to splurge on tasty food and cool crafts.
   My favorite places? Cape Town and Mozambique and Swaziland.
   I loved Cape Town for its diversity and vibe. There was something for everyone. And there were times when I felt like I was in New Orleans or Miami. Or Brooklyn.
   Mozambique was thee perfect getaway because I went the week after school had let out for winter break. It was a cold one and it was so nice to just chill on the beach. I loved Mozambique's tropical atmosphere, scrumptious seafood and the fabric!
   And I was just impressed with the infrastructure of tourist-friendly Swaziland.
   Traveling throughout this region was a dream, and satisfied my wanderlust!

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