Saturday, April 6, 2013

Durban, South Africa

I was very, very blessed to visit Durban, South Africa this past week.
It's a cute city. Very, very underrated.
Durban sits along South Africa's coastline and many of its residents are Zulu and Indians.
(During a walking tour, I was very surprised to learn that Gandhi lived in Durban for 21 years.)
I learned many other things in Durban and I had a great time!
Here are some pix:

Here's the Juma Musjid. It's the largest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere and can accommodate 1,000 people:

Downtown Durban:

Me goofing off at the Durban Oceanfront:

Youth performing a traditional Zulu dance at a local mall:

I ate dried ostrich and it was yummo:

I almost got eaten by a T-Rex at the local museum:

I had to pay 2 Rand (20 cents) to piss at some places. Ain't that some s%it!?

Traditional Zulu jewelry at a street market. I wanted everything on this table:

Went in this bead store at the craft market and blew my mind and wallet:

Traditional medicine at the herb market:

Bunny chow, a popular dish made of curried meats and veggies in a bread bowl:

A rickshaw driver:

Another shout out for their oceanfront because it was so beautiful:

I spent about a week in Durban with other volunteers for Easter vacay and I miss it already.
The food was good. The vibe was like a big city. And the ocean was gorgeous.
I'd love to go back at some point before I leave South Africa. And you should too!


  1. Wonderful pics! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm really not sure I could ever get used to the cuisine though. Look at all of the pretty polish! Glad you're enjoying your stay.

    1. Hey Crystal! How are you? Thanks for always reading. I love, love, love Indian food so it was easy to get used to all the curries I ate in Durban. They're not for everyone, though. I blew my mind at all the pretty polish. Durban was a very nice getaway! Take care. Hugs and kisses:)

  2. Hey, Jennifer

    It's been such a long time since we chatted. Wow,'re living in Africa now, such an AMAZING experience! I've wanted to go to South Africa for a few years now, I'm living vicariously through this blog. I know you're having a wonderful time, best wishes to you and your new adventures girl. I'll be staying in touch :-).

    1. Hey lady! How are you? So nice to hear from you. Yes, I'm currently a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Lesotho, southern Africa. I'll be here for the next two years and am off to a great start. I'm having a blast here and am really grateful for this experience. Keep in touch. And come visit. You'll really enjoy it. Hugs and kisses:)

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Glad to see you're doing well. One of my students is interested in the Peace Corp so I'm going to forward your blog on to her.

    1. Hi Danielle! How are you, lady? Nice to see you up here. Feel free to give your student my e-mail address: And she can friend me on Facebook, too. I'd be glad to answer any of her questions. Thanks a lot!

  4. The PC journey is amazing, eh? It looks like you have adjusted nicely - with the help of your new family and friends. Keep up the good work and stay vigilante. I enjoy your blog! .......Your PC friends in Williamsburg Va.

    1. Hey Keb! How are you? Thanks for stopping by! I've adjusted pretty well and am doing good. My guard is forever up and I'll keep doing a good job. Thanks for your support. Hugs and kisses:)