Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Peep how People Pee Here!

Gotta go? This is where I do the do and make it do what it do in Lesotho.  

   Name one thing you (should) do every day. {cues Jeopardy music.}
   If you said go to the bathroom, you get a cookie!
   In Lesotho, most people use a pee bucket and a pit latrine to take care of their business.
   But through my travels, I've seen bathroom business being handled differently all throughout the southern African region.

So, this is a toilet. Sort of. I forget what you call it but I came across it during my trip to Mozambique. Apparently, you just pop a squat, piss and drain your pee with the water in the black bucket. I don't think it's suitable for pooping, though. Only pee. Sucks, right?

This is another type of "bathroom" I came across in Mozambique. After a hole is dug in the ground, someone will place this circle thingy over the hole. Then, you must stand on the foot pads, squat and piss. Interesting. 

 Wanna piss here? Well, you gotta pay. I paid about 2 Rand (roughly 20 cents) to piss in Durban, South Africa.

   Are you surprised by these pictures? Not your average Joes, eh?
   It's not uncommon for people to pay to pee in the southern Africa region. It's done quite a bit here in Lesotho.
   Some people are just very entrepreneurial, and let's face it, sometimes you just gotta go! And you must pay the price.
   But really, though. Pay to pee. Pay to poop? I remember the first time I heard that here.
   "Ain't that some shit?!" I thought.


  1. lol too funny! Seems quite uncomfortable too :)

    1. Hi Janice! Hope you are well. I should've posted a picture of a field and bushes. That's where a lot of men like to tinkle. LOL. This part of my experience has been quite interesting. Funny and uncomfortable at times, too!

  2. When I was in Chile, we had to pay to use the bathroom too. Even in Santiago which is a more modern city. It was about 50 cents in American money but at least the bathrooms were clean.

    1. Steph!! What's up, girl!? Did it surprise you that you had to pay to pee in Chile? And the bathroom in Durban was clean. These bathrooms in Lesotho be hell, though:(