Wednesday, November 5, 2014

You’re a Peace Corps Volunteer If... (Part 8)

1...If you never have to buy toiletries because you always receive them in care packages.

2...If it’s too cold to wash your booty all the time during winter.

3...If it’s too hot to wash your booty all the time during summer.

4...If bathing every day, especially during winter, is overrated.

5...If you feel like a million maloti the minute you finish grading a large stack of papers.

6...If you think any volunteer in the highlands should be referred to as a Highland Hero for braving sub-zero winters with no central heating and dealing with snow.

7...If the worst day of your service was when you finished your favorite food item from America.

8...If you operate on the same exact things that taxis here run on: hope and a prayer.

9...If people automatically know you're a volunteer simply because you always wear a big backpack.
10...If you feel rich when you get your $200 USD monthly stipend. 

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